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Module Socks Attends International Sock Conference

Module Socks Attends International Sock Conference

The Module Socks team was invited to attend the 15th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo. The conference organizers set us up with a VIP pass and we had meetings with many of the top and up-and-coming sock manufacturers.

This was the Module team’s first sock conference and we were super stoked to be there.

Module Socks Invited to Attend International Sock Conference in Shanghai

The conference took place in the Shanghai Expo Center, one of the largest expo centers in the world. There were hundreds of exhibitors - many of them being producers of the sock brands that we’re familiar with. 

Module Socks International Socks Conference in Shanghai

We also sat down with some of the technology vendors, such as Lycra and Microban, which provided elastic materials and antimicrobial technology for brands as well as the manufacturers. 

Module Socks Runway Show

The conference also had a lot of interesting events, including a sock runway show. We’ve been to runway shows before, but this not for one that exclusively focused on socks. 

Module Socks meets with sock manufacturers

One of our biggest accomplishments from the sock conference was that we were able to screen a bunch of sock manufacturers and ended up even visiting their factories over the next few days after the conference was over. Luckily they were pretty close to Shanghai and we took the high-speed rail. 

Module Socks at International Sock Conference

We were able to review each manufacturer’s sock technology as well as their strengths. After the conference and on our trip back to the US, we were able to finalize the manufacturer we were going to work with for our initial launch batch.

You can rest assured that these guys are one of a kind and one of the reasons we are confident Module will bring you the very best socks. 


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