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Module Socks Technology Overview - What’s in the Socks (Part I)

Module Socks Technology Overview - What’s in the Socks (Part I)

At Module, we pride ourselves as sock engineers. Our goal is to create the world’s best socks, the one sock to rule them all. Brands today still have not paid attention to the socks that have their labels on them, so the Module team decided to take matters into our own hands.

Module Socks Technology Overview

Module Socks has figured out a way to weave 15 features into each pair of its dress socks. Rather than go through a laundry list, let’s bucket the features into groups first:

  1. Refinement Features
  2. Performance Features
  3. Comfort Features

Module Socks Offer an Ultra-Fine and Premium Experience

In this post we’ll talk about the Refinement Features in our socks.

What we mean here is that our socks are smoother than ever, and are suitable for both dress and everyday wear. We’re sure you’ve had socks that were too thin or too thick and tend to fray easily, and feel less refined or smooth after just a few washes. Module socks solves this problem by using the following features:

Extra Long Staple Cotton

Module Socks uses the highest quality cotton - extra long staple cotton

Module Socks begin with extra long staple cotton, the best cotton on the planet. We share our thoughts on cotton in the post. We take care of the details, just rest assured that you are getting the best materials with each of our socks.

Optimized Cotton Blend

Module Socks has engineered a cotton blend that offers maximum comfort, smoothness, and breathability

We did a lot of R&D to figure out the best composition of materials to not only maintain the natural softness, breathability and features of cotton, but also add in performance functionality. We added a lot Lycra in the most important parts of the sock to optimize the sock’s stretch to increase comfort and performance.

Ultra Fine Thread

Module Socks offer an ultra-fine experience

We use a unique yarn piling technique - basically we start with a thinner yarn and twist them together to create an ultra-fine look and feel, while increasing the durability of the yarn. The result is a super-smooth finish that looks great with both dress and everyday wear.

200 Needle Knit

Module Socks uses a high-gauge 200 needle knit

A higher gauge knit results in a finer, thinner sock. After a lot of experimentation, we decided that a 200 gauge knit was the best. 240 gauge resulted in a sock that was too thin, whereas 168 produced a sock that was too thick. This high gauge (but not too high) was just right. FYI - most dress socks on the market today are 168 needle knit or lower. 

Precision Fit

Module Socks fit perfectly around your feet

Our socks are knitted so that they fit precisely around the curves in your foot. We also added in a lot more Lycra than most socks so that our socks stretch in all the right places and feel comfortable when worn. Some socks on the market have separate left and right foot designs - we considered it but ultimately went against doing that because we felt it caused more problems than it solved.


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