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Module Socks Technology Overview - What’s in the Socks (Part II)

Module Socks Technology Overview - What’s in the Socks (Part II)

At Module, we pride ourselves as sock engineers. Our goal is to create the world’s best socks, the one sock to rule them all. Brands today still have not paid attention to the socks that have their labels on them, so the Module team decided to take matters into our own hands.

Module Socks Technology Summary

Module Socks has figured out a way to weave 15 features into each pair of socks. Rather than go through a laundry list, let’s bucket the features into groups first:

  1. Refinement Features
  2. Performance Features
  3. Comfort Features

Module Socks Brings High Performance to Dress Socks

In this post, we’ll talk about the Performance Features of our socks. 

Most dress socks today do not have any performance features. That’s why they’re usually uncomfortable to wear. Also, socks with functionality are also too thick and aren’t suitable for dress or every day wear. That’s where Module Socks comes in.

Reinforced Footbed Support

Module Socks offers footbed support

Module Socks have been engineered to contain footbed support that wraps around the toe and heel area, offering the most support of any sock. This helps cushion the foot with each step and also just feels super comfortable when worn. Most of the nerve endings of the feet are on the sole, so this just makes sense. 

Arch Compression

Module Socks has performance arch compression

Module has added arch compression to our socks. Because we know that modern professionals may not want this to stand out too much and ruin the smooth look, we call ours Invisible Arch Compression. It’s always there to provide extra comfort and reduce fatigue, but you won’t be able to see it. 

Endurance Stay-up Cuff

Module Socks have cuffs that stay up all day

Module Socks has engineered the cuff area so that it stays up all day. We found it annoying to always be pulling up our socks throughout the day, so we’ve added in extra elastic materials from Lycra. We also didn’t like it when socks create marks on the calf, so we made sure we only added just the right amount so that the cuffs stayed up but weren’t too tight. 

Silver-based Antimicrobial Odor Control

Module Socks uses SilverClear anti-microbial anti-odor technology

The Module Socks antimicrobial feature is powered by SilverClear® technology, a company based in Canada. SilverClear® is an antibacterial and bactericidal liquid solution for the treatment of materials based on silver which is colorless, economical, ecological, easy to apply, and does not affect the feel of the material. This, along with the superior breathability of extra long staple cotton, creates extra powerful odor control, leaving your feet feeling and smelling fresh. 

Toe Reinforcement

Module Socks fortifies its toes so there are no holes

Module has engineered extra support in the toe area to protect against holes in our socks. Even with the added reinforcement, or socks aren’t thick and you’ll be able to wear them with the dress shoes you currently have. 


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