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Module Socks Technology Overview - What’s in the Socks (Part III)

Module Socks Technology Overview - What’s in the Socks (Part III)

At Module, we pride ourselves as sock engineers. Our goal is to create the world’s best socks, the one sock to rule them all. Brands today still have not paid attention to the socks that have their labels on them, so the Module team decided to take matters into our own hands.

Module Socks Technology Summary

Module Socks has figured out a way to weave 15 features into each pair of socks. Rather than go through a laundry list, let’s bucket the features into groups first:

  1. Refinement Features
  2. Performance Features
  3. Comfort Features

Module Socks Premium Comfort Features

At the very beginning, comfort was at the top of our list in terms of what we wanted to accomplish with Module Socks. Especially as dress shoes are often less comfortable to wear than athletic shoes, so we think that socks designed for dress and everyday wear need extra features to provide comfort.

Hand-woven Toe Seam

Module Socks toe seams are hand woven to remove scratching

Each pair of Module Socks has its toe seams hand-stitched. What this means is that there is no scratchy seam on the inside and your toes will not feel itchy or chaffe unlike with other socks. You can see that from the inside, the toe area is completely smooth and seamless.

Y-Stitched Heel

Module Socks have Y-stitched heels for maximum comfort

Module Socks have heels that are stitched in a Y-shape, and this increases comfort by forming a better cup around your heel. It also keeps the heel of the sock where it needs to be, and keeps the fabric from going where it shouldn’t go.

Precision Fit

Module Socks precisely fit around your feet

Module Socks are engineered to be form fitting to accommodate the structure of your feet. We’ve added premium elastic materials in all the right places, to maximize the fit and comfort while wearing our socks.. 

3 Sizes 

Module Socks comes in 3 sizes

Module Socks have 3 sizes, to ensure the best fit possible. Most socks today are one-size fits all, and we think that’s a terrible idea. Each of our sock sizes are optimized to have the best fit, depending on your foot size.

Fortified Heel

Module Socks has fortified heel technology to reduce blisters

Each pair of Module Socks has additional reinforcement in the heel area. One, this protects against holes in the foot area due to friction. Two, it also protects against the sometimes serious chafing that we get from dress shoes. This means no more band-aids on your ankle.


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