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Why Module Socks Exists

Why Module Socks Exists

Why did we create Module Socks, and are focused on creating the best socks in the world? That's a really good question. Socks are everywhere and are staple item. Here are the reasons why Module Socks was started and decided to tackle the premium, designer men's sock segment first.

Module: Dress Socks With Functionality

The best functional socks are in performance athletic socks. However, socks that are meant to be worn with dress wear just don’t have any features. They feel just like any pair of ordinary socks, even ones that are from expensive designer brands. The reality is that brands don’t really care about their socks. They outsource their manufacturing and stick their label onto them and sell them at a significant premium over what it costs to make them.

That’s where Module Socks comes in. We were tired of not having comfortable dress socks to wear every day to wear to the office - dress socks that had cuffs that didn’t fall down, or dress socks that didn’t have itchy toe seams, or didn’t have footbed support. We walk on our feet all day - not just when we work out - why shouldn’t we have the best performance features all day, and every day?

Module Dress Socks Features

Module: Dress socks with beautiful, sophisticated designs

There’s a lot of fun and crazy socks out there. Cool. Module’s design philosophy is to focus on creating designs that look unique, but also sophisticated and modern. Our goal is to have the people who wear our socks look trendy but also be taken seriously in the workplace and our everyday lives. 

We also pay very close attention to the use of color. We’ve done extensive color consulting work and pick our colors carefully from forecasting trends. We also custom dye every single one of our colors and not use off-the-shelf dyes that every other sock uses. This way, by wearing Module Socks, you know that you’re wearing something not only beautiful, but also unique

Module Socks Modern, Colorful, Beautiful Designs

Module: Dress socks with high quality materials

A lot of designer dress socks these days are made of combed cotton, little cotton, or even no cotton at all. Module’s cotton socks will always be made of extra-long staple cotton, the highest quality cotton in the world. In addition, our optimized cotton blend increases performance, such as stretch and breathability, without reducing softness and comfort. 

We strive to create a consistently, premium experience with a high standard for our products. 

Module’s goal is to create the one sock to rule them all

When we founded Module, we didn’t just want to create a good pair of socks. We wanted to create the sock. A sock with no compromise and something that you can rely on every day. So that when your out there hustling, you can always put your best foot forward.


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Our Quality Guarantee

Once you purchase Module's socks, anywhere, you are covered by our quality guarantee. We stand for our customers and stand by our quality. If there is an issue with your order, let us know and we will resolve it for you as soon as possible.